Hydroponic Grow Room Ventilation

Whether you use a hydroponic grow tent or a greenhouse to house your hydroponic system, you’ll need good hydroponic grow room ventilation for everything to work and grow to its maximum potential.


Why Do You Need Good Hydroponic Grow Room Ventilation?

Well lets assume you’re using a 4ft x 4ft hydroponic grow tent and you have hydroponic tomatoes planted in there. The tomato plant leaves are going to eat up all CO2 in the tent at a fast rate. This is good, it shows your tomatoes are healthy and are thriving.

Everybody knows that all plants need CO2 to survive. In a grow tent the CO2 will become rapidly depleted and so to remedy this situation you will need to ventilate your tent. Please note that if you have a greenhouse the principles are exactly the same.

This CO2 calculator will show you how much CO2 you’ll need depending on your grow room dimensions.

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How To Ventilate Your Grow Room?

There’s two steps to ventilating your grow room. The first step is expelling the CO2 depleted air from the grow tent and the second step is bringing in new CO2 rich air from the outside. By maintaining this constant cycle you’re sure to have very happy plants.

Expelling CO2 depleted air

The best way of doing this is by using a hydroponic exhaust fan! They come in various shapes and sizes, however you really don’t need to spend that much on one. My recommendation is that you place it as high up in your grow room as is possible. This is because hot air rises. You will need to make an incision in your tent or remove part of the window in your greenhouse.

Bringing in CO2 rich air

To bring in fresh air you will need a hydroponic intake fan! Once again, they come in all shapes and sizes and you do not need to spend much money on them.

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The best way of placing one of these is right at the bottom of your tent, facing towards your plants in the centre. It should ideally be positioned directly opposite your exhaust fan. This way it will push out the old expired air whilst furnishing your tomatoes, strawberries or whatever with fresh CO2 rich air. If you can make it so your plants leaves flutter a little then this really is perfect!

You can get certain fans that perform both the exhaust and intake functions. These are highly recommended! One particular fan which i recommend above also comes complete with its own thermostat! This is great because you can program it to turn itself off and on to maintain a temperature fit for whatever you’re growing.

Hydroponics really is a fascinating hobby and i strongly urge you give all this a good go if you haven’t already!

If you have any questions, comments or points to make about hydroponic grow room ventilation, tents or greenhouses then please leave a comment below!

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